Longitudinal Sur Kilometer 185 Curicó. Region of Maule. Chile


AMS Family: 60 years producing the best fruits

Manuel Santa María founded AMS in 1957. He acquired a piece of land where his first orchard was sown. Subsequently, his first ever packing area was established. “Back then no one knew much about fruits, and there were no agricultural technicians. Consequently, I made several mistakes; I owned vineyards along with orchards of cherries, kiwis, pears and apples. I remember that my first cold store built in 1980, helped us stock our harvested fruit. I never imagined the exponential growth that this company was going to undergo, since we only started with two chambers. Nowadays, we own 30 well-equipped chambers instead. Back in day, our workers amounted 300 people, whilst these days our workforce runs to over 2500 employees.
In 2003, this company - composed by a father and his children - was internationally registered as AMS FAMILY SA. Thus, it got consolidated and started to increase its production which reached diverse foreign markets such as Taiwan, Turkey, China, USA, among others.
The good service and the optimal service delivered by AMS Family SA have been awarded with certifications provided by the Agricultural and Livestock Service of Chile and international credentials on export quality. The growth of this company has been remarkable as a result of its processes and fruits, which allows it to be ranked within the top companies in the country.

Vision: to bring health and happiness to the world through our fruit.

Mission: to be an internationally distinguished company via our production and packing processes, and the exportation of fresh fruits harvested in our own orchards.



185 km south from the capital of Chile, it is found a farmers’ most desirable paradise for their crops: the Curico valley. Since the area where AMS Family SA is located presents a Mediterranean weather, it permits pomes, stone fruits, berries and kiwis develop all their quality, colour and flavour features. Thus, it allows them to compete at a global top rank category. Fertile grounds and long and warm summers provide an excellent thermal contrast day and night, ideal for the production of fruits and wines.

Our Orchards
The Curico Valley, located 185 kilometres south from Santiago (Chile 35 th parallel south), hosts our orchards in adequate Mediterranean weather allowing us to grow excellent quality fruits. The Santa Maria Family cultivates them since 1950, back when the processes were artisanal. As years went by, advanced technology has been integrated for the production of new fruits and vineyards. The Curico Valley comprises the following geographical zones; the Teno river area that includes Rauco, Romeral, Teno and; the Lontue river area, composed by Curico, Molina, Cumpeo and Sagrada Family.
The sustained growth in the production has promoted new investments. Thus, these days, we own a modern fruit plant for both the process and packing of apples, pears, kiwis, plums, cherries and blueberries. As for wine production, AMS Family owns a large wine cellar with a storage capacity of 3.600.000 L.
Moreover, the lands of this region are ideal for all grape varieties. The vast Curico Valley continues to be an area of good white grapes varieties and generous red wines that with fair performance, provide aromatic and fruity wines due to the substantial thermal oscillation that goes over 20ºC between day and night.
In the Sagrada Familia valley, located by the Mataquito riverside, the Santa Maria family owns orchards characterized by their fertile soils and Mediterranean weather. There, wine grape of the following varieties is produced: Merlot, Carmenére and Cabernet Sauvignon. Aside from the vineyards, these orchards grow plums, kiwis, blueberries where the hot summers kick-start the harvesting season.
The Curico valley also presents high and cold lands where we have delayed harvests which are especially adapted for apples and cherries, because it provides them with an excellent coloration and it extends the season of fresh fruit offer. The most important apple varieties are Royal Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, Red Delicias and Pink Lady. As for cherries, the most utilized varieties are Bing, Lapins, Kordia, Sweet Heart and Regina due to their firm quality and resistance to long trips.
The massive variety of fruits produced is possible due to qualified agronomist and administrative teams. They work hand in hand in each productive sector. In modern fruit growing, it is key to have a good working environment inside the company so as to fulfil the expected results. This is the most important factor of our production: the people.



Our Services

Located a few kilometres away from Curico, on one side of the main by-land route of Chile, AMS Family SA owns a Fruit Plant where several tasks are performed such as reception of fruit, weighbridge, cold storage, and the process, inspection and dispatch of export fruits.
So as to accomplish all these duties, the plant currently has different packing areas and process lines for each of the species processed during the year.

Packing and process lines
- Two traditional packing areas for apples.
- An Presizer for apples. Made in Italy (Brand: Aweta) with 56 water channels and 3D tech for defects selection.
- A confection line also for apples from Italy (brand: Aweta).
- A packing area for kiwis and plums.
- A packaging line for pears Abatte Fetel, from Argentina (brand: Prodol)
- An electronic packaging line for cherries (brand: United).
- A Blueberry Process Line, consisting of 3 clamshell fillers (Brand: A&B and Ponis)

Our plant owns 33 cold stores, 4 of these are Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storage. We also have two loading docks located in the rear side of the collecting chambers of export apples, packing tools and pesticides warehouses, agricultural bin-wash, two chambers of phosphine fumigation, forced-air precooling tunnels, a weighbridge for trucks, hydrobins for cherries, a canteen for the staff, and offices for administration and procedures.

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